Join PointSource in developing open standards for enterprise mobility

As we explore the evolving mobility landscape with our clients, new design and development patterns are emerging. At PointSource, we are interested in how we take what we have learned about the traditional software development lifecycle, and apply that to the mobile development lifecycle. One of the challenges clients often have as they mature their mobility strategy is building integration with their development tools and their business processes. Enter the need for standards and specifications around development tools and systems that support mobility across the enterprise. That’s why we’ve joined with IBM and Clearblade to co-sponsor the User Group for Mobile in the Open Services Lifecycle Collaboration (OSLC) Community.

The user group’s mission is to explore and understand the integration scenarios that limit the ability for organizations to leverage all of the benefits of mobile, and to drive these scenarios into OSLC standards. Although open services has its roots in how these standards are defined through linked data, you do not need to be an expert in linked data to be a contributor. We want a diverse membership. Some members can help identify the integration pain points that they see in their mobile business cases and scenarios; others can help us get into the technical weeds and figure out how to address these pain points and eventually turn them into a standard specification that enables more integration value, and more mature mobility strategies.

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